domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

Women lie

It is all lies!
Boys, do not believe in them, they are all lying.
Do not believe a word they saying.
Their promises do not worth a bite.

When you get quite older enough
you will be able to realize
that inside that innocent pure heart
there’s an evil preparing to bring you apart.

I do not intent to let you down.
Though, life is what it is.
And I’m not here just to please.

There are lies of love, even necessary lies,
but the lies you will hear
are not at all from that kind.

They will try to be pleasant and fine,
deceive you using oaths and charm.
Remember this now, boys: It’s all lies.

They’ll say: “You’re the one” and “if you ever go I die”,
but the sincerest face of a girl
can be really a fiend in disguise.

Yes they cannot stand to truth
and it’s really not their fault.
They’re just women, you know..
They happen to change a lot.

So consider it when I say to you
by the experience of long-lived eyes.
Do not believe in women!
The first of them taught the devil how to lie.

6 comentários:

  1. quite good, indeed.

    já tinha visto e já elogiei, então é isso. :D

  2. They're not lies, they're transient truths. Women don't lie at the time they're saying them, because at that time it is the most sincere thing speaking out from their hearts. They're not to blame for reality not attaining to what they've said previously.

    O mundo está errado, e não as mulheres.

  3. i agree with karine.

    Todo es mentira en este mundo
    Todo es mentira la verdad
    Todo es mentira yo me digo
    Todo es mentira ...¿Por qué será?...
    Esperando la última ola...
    Esperando la última rola ...Arriba la luna Ohea...